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Service dogs offer so many benefits that have been proven to help kids like Kyle!

Kyle is our 13 year old who has a genetic condition called Fragile X syndrome, which caused his Autism.  He has 4 siblings who love him dearly and his 3 brothers are his best friends!  He loves to wrestle and jump on the trampoline with them!  He has an infectious giggle and smile that is sure to make anyone’s day brighter!  Unfortunately with Kyle’s disability comes some challenges that affect the whole family. Kyle suffers from extreme transitional and social anxiety.  He struggles with going anywhere that isn’t part of his everyday routine and if it involves crowds or people he isn’t familiar with Kyle can’t handle it and has some pretty sever meltdowns.  This prevents our family from doing everyday family things,  like going to a park together or a simple task like the grocery store or a dr appt!  Our family has only gone on one vacation all together and it ended early because Kyle got too overwhelmed.   Service dogs offer so many benefits that have been proven to help kids like Kyle!  We are so hopeful that having a service dog will help give Kyle that extra security and calming effect that he so desperately needs.

Please help our family give Kyle the gift of friendship and comfort that a service dog will provide him!  We were told to prepare for 6-12 months to raise funds, but we KNOW we can get the funds raised faster than that! Lets get Kyle a service dog together!!!  Much Love, The Telles Fam!

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