Autism awareness month jk just another day!

Autism awareness month never ends over here! This. 😭It’s the end of a week off of school. He got mad because he couldn’t find his iPad which was upstairs charging, so while protesting he thru his shirt off. I tasked him with picking up his shirt first then he’d get the iPad which I was holding in my hand. He decided for whatever reason that he was NOT going to pick his shirt up. Instead this happened. A full on protest. I waited upstairs for him to decide to give up and walk upstairs. It took 25 minutes and he walked up with no shorts on. And pissed that now he gets no iPad. Man, he’s stubborn. Thank goodness it’s date night. And thank goodness he goes back to school on Monday. #autism #fragilex #THISisautism #lordhelpmewhenhehas3weeksoffforwinterbreak #sendallthedietcoke #andwatchoutonlineshopping

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