Storm before the calm

Kyle is making me earn every ounce of my Hawaiian vacation. Today sucked. From 5:20am on. I think I put his socks on and he immediately took them off and threw them at least 10x. Every time I put a pant leg in he’d kick it off. I wanted to scream. I did at one point. To which he then cried and melted down further. If that’s even possible. And yes. Yes it is. Then this afternoon he walked off the bus wearing a pair of shorts only. No shirt. No socks. No shoes. Janine said it was rough all day. I’ll spare the details but he went through all his spare clothes. πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ Then when it was time to go to the bus he stripped and through everything as well as his backpack, all while screaming.

I’m at a loss as to what to do. I’m exhausted. He’s so hard. This is so hard. Erika came today and we talked it out. She gave me suggestions. I listened. I’ll try them, cuz that’s all I can do. But damnit, Kyle! Suck.

He didn’t get his iPad all afternoon because of his outburst before getting on the afternoon bus. But sometimes I think that is more of a punishment for me. I’m hoping. I’m crossing my fingers. I’m begging and pleading with god that tomorrow he will want that iPad so bad that the morning will run smooth. That his day at school will run smooth. That when he gets home tomorrow and Marie arrives it will run smooth.

The calm before the storm is the saying but seems like it’s the opposite for me. The storm before a week of calm and then I come back to more storm-hopefully a little tanner and my emotional tank full.


James left tonight for a business trip to Ohio too. Trying not to let that get me down. I can do hard things. Not sure how much longer I can lie to myself…hopefully at least til Tuesday when we board the plane to Hawaii. 🏝

This is Kyle from today….

One thought on “Storm before the calm”

  1. 😫😫😫 I will print an at size print of the bus and a pic of the bus driver if you think it would help? It’s like he knows you are leaving. Goodness, I hope you have terrible cell reception in Hawaiian. You deserve peace and quiet and bad cell service.


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