This kid

It has been a long week. James and the boys left Monday at 4am and didn’t get back til Saturday evening. It has been a long week. By the end of today my patience was super thin-or all gone and I was counting down the minutes til this guy went to bed! He screamed “nooooo!” about 3 million times during his bath and another million times when I was trying to get his jammies on. Ugh. But then came bed time. He didn’t fight me and crawled right into bed-i think he was done with today too! He snuggled right up to me tonight and kissed my cheek and my arm a million times-as if he was saying sorry for the million times he screamed no and refused to lift his foot up to get dressed! At least that’s what i interpreted it to mean! And yes i forgave him! 😉This kid. Even though most days are long (extra long this week) and hard, I’m still glad I get to be his mom. And I’m super glad he has school tomorrow! #autism #fragilex

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