One Diet Coke at a time….


I’m about to get real…not that I’m not ever real. Cuz I am, more often then not. My life is far from glamorous. This morning started off with me cleaning up pee on Kyle’s carpet (which has taken all day to get the smell out and about a pound of baking soda), starting a load of laundry and bathing Kyle all before 7am. Awesome. Kyle REFUSED to go to the bathroom before bed last night and I gave up the fight. Of course I totally paid for it this morning when I was awakened to him crying and soaked in urine in front of the door. At least it wasn’t in his bed? πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™€οΈThat was just the start.

James was home today so the day didn’t seem as unbearable. He always seems to make me laugh at things instead of cry. He makes it easier.

But around lunchtime he got called in to do a fitting at the hospital so of course while he was gone this happened I just got finished telling a friend that he hasn’t puked the whole break. Serves me right to brag. Kyle has a habit of coughing. Not because he’s sick but just because. Sometimes he coughs so hard he gags and pukes. So he decided to do that today. Awesome.

On Sundays Kyle has a respite worker who watches him while we go to church. Of course she text me today to let me know she was sick and wouldn’t be coming tomorrow. Awesome. Normally i would just stay home but i knew i needed the time away. Plus a little Jesus in my life is probably needed. So I put aside my guilt and did something I generally wouldn’t! I text one of Kyle’s past teachers and asked if she would come watch him tomorrow. She said no problem and is coming tomorrow. πŸ™πŸ» I guess with all the pee and puke today we will call that my tender mercy for the day!

I swear this break seems like it has been the longest Christmas break in the history of Christmas breaks. The days have been long. Suuuuper long. But I’m doing it. One Diet Coke at a time. One more day. I got this!!!!

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