Work in progress

January 3 2019

It’s Whitney’s birthday today! Luckily she is only 5 and is ok with a family “party”. Even still the thought of extra people over gives me slight anxiety knowing kyle will feel extra anxious! 😩

BUT, I forget sometimes all the progress he’s made with family “parties” since Gooding has joined the family! Kyle has made so much progress in this area. He is able to cope much better with all the chaos that comes with a family get together.

We had a lot of people here today and even some of the older boy’s friends came over and Kyle did great! He didn’t throw up. He didn’t strip. He didn’t meltdown! He was even able to eat dinner amongst all the noise! That is HUGE!

Sometimes I forget to give Kyle credit for progress in areas of improvement because life is still hard in so many other areas. BUT I need to do better, because today was a success. Kyle was successful at another family get together. Kyle did so well. His sister was able to have a birthday party and I was able to run it. I didn’t have to stop and tend to Kyle’s meltdown. Grandma didn’t have to go sit with Kyle upstairs. I was able to enjoy the party!!! Kyle was able to be downstairs when he wanted and go upstairs when things got to be too much. That is a definite WIN!

It’s so important to recognize the steps forward. The improvements. It helps make the tough times bearable. Who knows what tomorrow brings but who cares, today was good.

Kyle is a work in progress and always will be, but aren’t we all?

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