Transitions suck

January. 2. 2019.

If Someone could come up with a pill that would cure Kyle of his transitional anxiety, I’d pay a million dollars for it. It is the worst. And every single thing is a transition for Kyle. Every thing. From someone at the door to walking in from playing outside. Even things he likes he still gets sever anxiety over transitioning over to it.

Being out of school and off his routine has only exacerbated his transitional anxiety. What does that mean? It means he melts down quicker. It means he thinks he wants to go outside only to find out it’s too much but he can’t quite transition back into the house. So off comes his shirt. And cue the crying and sitting on the ground with no shirt no socks or shoes in the cold. It means he asks for food every 10 minutes from the moment he wakes up-he’s insatiable. It’s how he copes. But i can’t let him eat all day-so that means a lot of meltdowns. And this is all before 9am!

Today he went to my moms for session with Erika-it was a nice break! But coming home he had a hard time….transitioning! He had somehow taken one shoe off in the car on the way home and i couldn’t find it. He finally made it in the house, but wouldn’t stop obsessing over his lost shoe (that he took off and threw, btw)! So Erika finally went outside to search for the missing shoe while I fixed his dinner!

After a few minutes she walked in with the missing shoe! But that wasn’t enough! He still kept asking for the shoe…we gave him both shoes to which he took and threw next to the shoe bin by the front door. Then he was fine. Huh? But this whole process of him transitioning home took a good 30 minutes. It’s exhausting.

I’m ready for this winter break business to be over! A week and a half left! I can do it. I can do it!

Just super long days and lots of practicing my patience. And praying someone comes up with a pill to cure kyles transitional anxiety! Cuz it sucks!

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