Go to sleep

January 1st 2019.

One of my goals for 2019 is to write a blog post or a journal entry everyday. I love reading back and seeing the progress in Kyle and my evolution as his mom too. I’m sure some days will be more thought provoking and interesting than others but for me, every post will mean something. So here it goes….

Guess where I am at 7:38 pm? In Kyle’s room laying next to him who is wide awake still. He yawns every few minutes. But awake none the less.

James and I had plans of going out tonight. A nice dinner. Ya know, start the new year off talking about our goals for the year and just enjoying the quiet! We planned on leaving an hour ago. But we can’t leave until Kyle is asleep. So here I am, waiting. Trying to wait patiently while my tummy growls in hunger.

Kyle goes to bed around 6:30 every night. He has for years! Sounds early but the boy is non stop all day. By 630 he is ready. And i am ready for him to be ready! Not to mention he is usually awake by 6am every morning….no matter what time he goes to bed!

It’s now 7:46 and I’ve been in his bed for one hour and 16 min. I think he’s asleep.

As I sit here slightly annoyed that it took so long for him to fall asleep I can’t help but feel grateful. Grateful that he sleeps at all! So many parents with kids like Kyle don’t sleep. I can’t imagine! Life would be so much harder if Kyle didn’t sleep. So…I’m grateful now that Kyle is asleep for the night, James and I can still go out and have a nice dinner! It’s just a little later than we planned. I’ll take it.

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