Small and simple things…aren’t really small and simple.

Kyle has had a rough start this school year. I’m sure it’s been a combination of a thousand different things. And it’s a guessing game when it comes to what those things are. 😝 it’s been a bit discouraging and definitely emotionally draining to hope Janine walks off the bus saying something other than it wasn’t a good day.

To top it off a couple weeks ago I got an email from Kyle’s teacher saying he’s been “stripping” at school! 🤦🏻‍♀️ just the email every mom wants to receive, right?! He does this when he’s anxious (Cuz that’s an appropriate response when anxious 😩) It’s usually a quick pants down and then back up but none the less not the best thing to do in front of a bunch of high school students! She was so sweet about her concern for, first and foremost, his dignity. But also for those other students that get the honor of witnessing it! 🤦🏻‍♀️

She suggested we start putting him in some sort of leotard, that way if he did pull his pants down or tore his shirt off nothing would be exposed. And start putting him in shorts that weren’t as easy to take off and add a belt. The only concern I had was taking his independence away in the restroom (now he’d need a lot of help getting all the layers off). But I agreed to the change! Cuz obviously something needed to happen!

I hopped on amazon and ordered wresting singlets and a bunch of new shorts and a belt! And last week we started Kyles new and improved wardrobe! I was expecting a huge fight with this change. But thankfully he didn’t put up too much of a fight! It added a few more minutes to the morning routine and the bathroom experience is super annoying and long but we will adapt!

The first day he wore the singlet and new shorts, shanda text saying he did really well! And guess what….NO STRIPPING! She said she even thinks he liked the compression, she thought he was getting some sensory needs Mets with it! Bonus!

Then, all week long, Janine got off the bus and said “great day!” Every day last week! He was good every single day! On Friday night I got the best text ever:

After a long month of discouragement to get a text like this gives me the boost I have desperately needed. The boost to keep trying new things with Kyle. The boost to not give up. The boost to never stop expecting progress from Kyle. The boost to just keep going! The boost of energy! The boost to be more positive! Just a plain ol mental boost I had been needing!

I have learned through Kyle that sometimes small and simple things really aren’t small and simple at all! I’m grateful for teachers that text me and probably don’t realize the huge impact it has on this mom. I’m grateful for the trials Kyle throws at me. I know that through the trials comes strength! I’m grateful for progress in Kyle AND me. I’m grateful for a week full of good days for Kyle and am gonna hope we have more good weeks than bad…but if we don’t we will keep trying. ❤️

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