One step at a time

I know it’s been a minute (maybe a few) since I last posted. And I really want to share with you all the journey thus far with Gooding. Which has been (mostly) great. But I want to make sure I do that post right. I want to be honest and raw with you all! So it might take a few more minutes til I get that post written! I know such a teaser….but in the mean time, here’s a video of Kyle walking to the mailbox. 🤗

We have been working on this task for a month or so. The first time he DID IT, but there was crying and spitting and he dropped to the floor ( he got up quickly, but he still dropped), and we had to bribe him with a trip to McDonald’s to get him to finish the task the other times we did it. And he still struggled the whole way through. Gooding helped (i know you all are asking 😉)-there is no way he would have even been able to get half way down the drive way before Gooding arrived! But this is all new territory for Kyle so he still needs lots of practice!

To many this is a small and simple task, but to Kyle it’s huge. He has to overcome anxiety, lots of transitions, and the sensory overload that a simple walk to the mailbox and back causes.

Today, Kyle did it! He walked to the mailbox and back with Gooding! And with not one single meltdown! He even wore the tether we have been trying to get him to wear that he hates! It was so cool watching him walk with Erika and Gooding. 😭 I was so proud of him. I never thought a walk around our neighborhood with Kyle was in his cards. But I was wrong! And I look forward to the day we can take a walk around the entire block as a family!

Sometimes when the days are long and little progress is made or the progress is hard to notice I get down. I get discouraged. But today Kyle reminded me that hard work and patience ALWAYS pays off. Because today Kyle walked all the way to the mailbox and back home with a smile almost the whole time! Today was a great day.

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