Today Kyle’s service dog Gooding arrived!!! I’m not sure I can put into words how truly amazing it was. I think My eyes watered more than a few times throughout the day watching Kyle’s instant connection to this sweet dog.

I knew the meeting would either be love at first sight or Kyle would want nothing to do with Gooding at first. I was prepared for either outcome! Instead of describing the moment here it is. My heart swells every time I watch it. I’m so exhausted from today-we did so much! We went to petsmart WITH Kyle! He did so well too! He dropped to the ground a couple times but as soon as Gooding came by him he was back on his feet! At the end Kyle struggled with transitioning back to the car but with the help of Gooding just being next to him gave Kyle the reassurance he needed! He was up and back in the car as soon as i was done paying! 😭After petsmart Cheri (the trainer) convinced me that we should try another outing! So off we went to McDonald’s…WITH KYLE. Inside. We sat at a table INSIDE WITH KYLE. You guys! He did so awesome! Watch!!!

Most of today was spent outside! Kyle wanted to play outside with Gooding every chance he had! He was on his iPad maybe a total of 1 hour (and that’s when I took Gooding to the vet)! The rest of the time was outside!!!!! My cheeks hurt from smiling! And I’m betting Kyles do too! My mom heart was bursting at the seems today. I have never seen Kyle this happy. He kissed him about a thousand times and made sure that we knew he did NOT want Gooding to leave!

I knew that a service dog would benefit Kyle but honestly I had no clue to what extent. Today I was shown a piece of what the benefits will be and they exceeded my expectations!!! Tonight as I reflect on this journey to get here, I am feeling so grateful to everyone who made this possible for Kyle. Grateful to all of my friends and family who rallied behind our family and helped this become a reality! Thank you!!!! Gooding is going to be life changing for Kyle. And for my family!!! ❤️

2 thoughts on “Gooding!”

  1. I cant put into words how happy I am and I’m sobbing 😭 what a beautiful beginning for Kyle and Gooding❤️ I’ve never seen Kyle so happy or at McDonald’s 😄 All in one day amd the future is brighter for Kyle and his BFF 🐶 So proud of you KT you and your family that worked so hard to make this happen for your son and brother 👫👬👬👱🏻‍♀️thanks be to God


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