Try Try Try

I thought about just updating my last post but decided this deserved a separate post.

As I was walking up the stairs tonight to put Kyle to bed, I could hear Kyle giggling as Cody pretended to wrestle with one of Kyles stuffed animals. Kyle would reach out to try to get Cody and laugh and laugh. There’s nothing sweeter than hearing Kyle belly laugh (except maybe him getting in the bus without a fight 😬)!

I stood at the top of the stairs for a few minutes and watched before I went in to break the news to Kyle that it was bedtime. Cody immediately said, “can I try to put him to bed?”

My immediate thought was no Kyle wouldn’t go for it, especially because they were just wrestling! But I stopped myself. I said, “ok you can try!”

Kyle was confused and was definitely not 100% on board but he got into bed, still giggling and trying to wrestle with Cody! Cody covered him up and kept telling him that it was time for bed, just like I say. I turned the light off and shut the door. I stood outside the door and listened with a smile as Cody so sweetly and softly kept “shhhhhing” him and then began saying “good night grandma, goodnight mom, goodnight James, etc” like i sometimes do to get Kyle to calm down. I didn’t give him much instruction so he did this all on his own from hearing me. He was in there for almost 10 minutes before I opened the door to take over.

He laughed and said “I tried mom!” And I told him it would take lots of practice before Kyle would be comfortable and be able to fall asleep with him. Enthusiastically he said, “ok, let’s try again tomorrow! And the next day! Because I want to be able to put him to bed for you.”

Tonight, God used my son to answer the question i asked earlier “what was i supposed to be learning?” I was reminded that it’s ok when things don’t go perfectly. It’s ok when I’m not perfect. We can try again tomorrow. And the next day. And the next. But it’s important to keep trying. So, tomorrow I will wake up and try again to get Kyle on the bus. I will try to have more patience and maybe be a lil more Christlike. And if it doesn’t go perfectly, it’s ok. ❤️because Trying is what truly matters.

Jesus once was a little child

A little child like me

And he was pure and meek and mild as a little child should be. So, little children

Let’s you and i

Try to be like him

Try try try. img_4566

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