One year older…and wiser too! Happy birthday to you, Kyle!

Fourteen years ago Kyle made me a mom!

14 things I’ve learned being Kyle’s mom:

  1. Motherhood is way harder than I thought it would be. But more fulfilling than I ever imagined.

  2. Patience is the key. Patience, patience and more patience.

  3. My plans for my baby boy started out very different. But I have learned that a change in plans can be a good thing.

4. Laughing at life when it’s really hard is much easier on my heart.

5. But a good cry is sometimes necessary. And that’s ok too.

6. Kyle has taught me that prayer is necessary to make through our days!

7. Asking for help is ok. And letting people help me doesn’t mean I am weak.

8. I have learned to sacrifice. And that sacrifice is not a bad thing.

9. Kyle has taught me what unconditional love really means. By forgiving me constantly when I lose my patience.

10. I have learned that through my example of “serving” Kyle, my children are growing up to be extremely compassionate and selfless people.

11. Kyle has taught me to never give up. On him or me.

12. Date night is essential! At least once a week a night out is needed!

13. Having Kyle has taught me to always rely on my intuition. Moms really so know best!

14. I have learned that when I think I have Kyle figured out, it usually means I’m about to be handed a big ol’ piece of humble pie…and a lesson is right around the corner.

Every year I am a little more grateful for the struggles I face being Kyle’s mom. Because I am able to pick out more easily the lessons I learn. Being a mom is my proudest accomplishment. I’m so lucky I get to be Kyle’s mom. 💙Happy birthday to my first born!

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