I should know by now that whenever I post about how great things are going with Kyle it’s usually followed by a bunch of crap days. Ugh.  I should be happy that we had a whole week of great days! A whole week of Kyle getting on and off the bus no problem! And I am happy. But also discouraged and disappointed that this week he’s had 3 progressively awful days! Today being the worst. 😔

Janine followed Kyle off the bus this afternoon and had the look. The look that Kyle had another rough time getting on the bus to come home! She explained he sat down in front of the bus and refused to get on! At one point she was crossing her fingers that the bus didn’t say “see ya, we gotta go!” Then I got a text from shanda: 

After he got in the house, his day continued to be rough-he gave me a hard time with every single transition! Going to grandmas! Getting into the bath! Going to bed! It was a rough night! I can’t tell you why. I’m not sure. That’s the frustrating part. What is different from last week? 

 Kyle has always struggled with transitions. Always. If there was a magic pill for this setback,  I’d pay a million dollars and it would be worth every dollar. Seriously. 

I’m trying to remind myself not to get discouraged. Not to be disappointed. But it’s hard not to be. I’m trying to remind myself of all the progress he has made. I’m trying to remind myself that he is smart and stubborn and his mind works so much differently than mine. I’m trying to remind myself to try to be patient. I’m trying to come up with different ideas for shanda and Janine to try at school to help them help him through this transition everyday. I’m trying to remind myself that progress is slow with Kyle but it’s still progress. I’m trying to remind myself to not give up on the bus-that taking him everyday will be much harder!  I’m trying to remind myself that I can do this! 

One day I feel like I’ve got this whole autism/fragile x/anxiety thing down. I feel like I am an expert-I can handle any curve ball Kyle throws at me. The next day I feel like I don’t know what the heck I’m doing-I’m at a loss at what to do or how to fix a behavior. 😏

I need to remember that things will be ok. They always end up being ok. It will take work. It will take more bad days. And lots more good days. But things will be ok.  2 years from now, 1 year from now, even 6 months from now-I hope I read this post and marvel at the progress Kyle has made. 

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