Grateful for small things, big things, & everything in between! 

Before Kyle started high school my hope was that he would have teachers that loved him quickly. Teachers that appreciated Kyle’s unique personality and were able to see past the behaviors caused by his extreme anxiety.  Teachers that understood him despite his inability to speak.  Teachers who treated Kyle with the respect he deserves.  I know that once Kyle trusts that you have his back (so to speak), and he feels like you “understand” his needs/wants; he is a million times more likely to cooperate with you. I prayed daily that Kyle would be given the teachers that would be able to provide this for him. 

We are a little over two months into Kyle’s high school journey, and I can say his team of teachers have exceeded my hopes and my prayers were definitely answered. They have all gone above and beyond in every way to make not only Kyle feel like this is where he belongs-BUT they always reassure me and let me know how much they care for Kyle. 

Kyle is doing much better getting on the bus-as long as james is home! He definitely has his established ‘getting on the bus’ routine. But he still is struggling with the transition once he is at school and getting off the bus. His (amazing) teacher, Shanda called me a few weeks ago and asked if she could come over after school one day and observe Kyle with Erika. She wanted to try and  get some ideas on how to help Kyle better transition off the bus from Erika or myself. So at the beginning of the month she came over on a Wednesday (after school when she could be at home with her own family) and spent a good two hours talking to both Erika and myself. We bounced ideas off each other. Then set up a morning Erika could go to the school and observe the behavior to offer more support to shanda and her team. 

Seriously?! You guys. How lucky am I to be surrounded by a team of people who love my son this much?! I feel like I am so fortunate to have such amazing people loving my son. Amazing people helping my son every single day, as he processes this big change. This job isn’t easy but I am so grateful for people who do it-and love doing it. It makes this moms anxiety a little less. 

As Kyle has gotten to know his teachers a little better, and beginning to embrace the new routines-he seems less anxious. He seems happier. The other day, Janine had gotten on the bus before Kyle walked out the front door-mind you it’s dark when he gets on the bus at 6am 😴. Kyle didn’t see her but saw her car. He kept pointing at her car and refused to get on the bus until she poked her head out of the bus! She gives him the comfort his anxious mind needs. Then he smiled and happily got on the bus! Moments like this make my mom heart happy. 

Last week Kyle had a whole week of Janine getting off the bus saying it was a great day! A whole week of good days!!!!!!! He was even transitioning on and off the bus much better-with some of the ideas Erika had suggested! And shanda sent me a video of Kyle walking to and from The gym which he had been struggling with. 👍🏼 I was so happy watching it!

I knew that this was going to be a really hard change for both of us. And I knew we’d make it through. We always do. But I’m sure glad he has made progress and we are pretty much past the really hard! I’m grateful we are having more good days and not as many bad days-which we still have-he walked off the bus today with no shirt and Janine saying she wasn’t sure what his deal was but he was a punk today 🤦🏻‍♀️. Mostly, I’m grateful for his teachers that love my boy even through the bad days and are definitely an answer to my relentless prayers! I can’t say it enough-special ed teachers, especially Kyle’s, are amazing human beings. 💙 ​

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