Dear Ethan, Justin, Cody, and Whit

I hope one day my kids will read my blog and know *really know* how much I love and admire each one of them for loving their brother unconditionally. 

Being Kyle’s sibling comes with a lot. A lot of hard. A lot of sacrifice. A lot of “we gotta leave early Kyles having a meltdown” along with a few “be quiets, Kyles going to bed (at 6:30)” and I can’t count how many, “sorry we can’t go there cuz Kyle can’t handle it”. It’s a lot. But everyday I’m blown away at my kids ability to love him despite all of this. They are such great examples to me of what it  *really* means to love someone unconditionally. 

Many times they are unaware of me watching them love their brother. Whether it be wrestling with him, wiping his mouth from excessive drool, or walking by and giving him a high five and a simple “hey Kyle”. I notice it all. And I am touched every time by these simple acts that leave a huge imprint on my heart.  

So, to Ethan, Justin, Cody, and Whitney I want you know how much ALL of you amaze me. With the daily sacrifices you make, the patience you have, and the unconditional love you show Kyle. I notice it all. I admire each one of you individually for your different strengths with Kyle. Ethan, your ability to wipe Kyle’s gross chip filled drool among a group of people and not be embarrassed one bit makes me tear up. Justin, your ability to roll in the grass and have Kyle poke his fingers in your mouth and your first reaction is to laugh and joke about it makes me smile and I could watch you play for hours. And I love that every time you see Kyle, you say hi to him. Every time. Cody, your protective nature for Kyle brings me to tears. You are always the first one to defend Kyle, or worry about him when he is sick or when he is upset-your ability to adopt the big brother role because Kyle can’t, brings me so much joy. Whitney, you, at 3 years old, are Kyles mini mom, and I love it. I love that you tell Kyle to pull up his sagging shorts, to wipe his mouth when he’s eating, and you tell him “good job” when he’s done something great in my exact voice!  We joke that you will have Kyle when I get too old but I’m betting you will be the first to volunteer to take care of your special brother. I love watching your relationship develop. All of you display such Christlike love when it comes to Kyle, and as your mom I couldn’t ask for more from you. I am so proud to be your mom. All of you. ​

Love, mom ❤️

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