We did it! 

Now days it seems like there is so much hate and unkindness in the world.  At least that’s what you see and hear when you turn on the news or so often when you open social media. It is easy to get caught up with this idea and think there isn’t much good left in this crazy world we live in.  But, you guys, there are so many good people in this world!  I know this because we have been the recipient of so many good, kind, and very generous people the last 4 months.  

When I first started *really* considering the journey of fundraising for Kyle’s service dog, I was overwhelmed. I was overwhelmed at the thought of asking people to donate their hard earned money to help MY son. I was overwhelmed every single time I thought of the amount, $25,000.00. That’s a lot of money. 😳I am horrible at asking for help. I don’t like it at all. I’d rather struggle doing it myself than ask for help (so dumb, I know-I’m learning to try harder with this but I still suck at it 😏). But when we decided to do this I knew I was going to HAVE to go out of my comfort zone and ask for help. These last four months have been some of the most humbling for me as I had no clue the amount of love and support we would receive. 

From the moment I announced what we were doing for Kyle, the messages and comments came flooding in! People wanted to help in any way they could. It started off with a lipstick party hosted by a great friend and it took off from there!  I had friends (friends I hadn’t spoken to in years except a comment here or there on Facebook) contact me with fundraising ideas that they planned and executed successfully! I had close friends who drove hours with their kids in tow to lend me their talents and hold multiple fundraisers! I had a friend who owns her own business host a sign night and donated ALL the money to our cause. I had friends email their family members with our story asking them to donate-most of whom donated large amounts! I had a sweet friend carry around a jar asking her friends to donate!  I had complete strangers contact me via social media asking if they could  put together an online silent auction-to which all items were donated mostly by strangers and the items were bought mostly by strangers! I had a non profit organization contact me and who donated a very large amount!  My mom and dad wrote letters on our behalf asking for donations, most of them mailed back checks with large donations and a kind note saying how excited they were to help. Many friends shared my posts on their Facebook page resulting in their friends donating!  The list is so long of people helping our family reach this goal that in the beginning seemed so far away! But every single day I would get an email  saying we received another donation! Every day we got closer and closer! Everyday my heart was filled with gratitude. 

I was told to prepare for 6-12 months of fundraising. It took us 4 months. FOUR months!!!!!! That is a miracle, you guys! I’m so incredibly grateful to every single person who donated, whether it was their time, their money, or support and encouragement. It’s because of all of YOU that we were able to reach our goal and reach it so quickly! As I sit here trying to put my feelings of gratitude into words, I can’t. I am just so grateful and so humbled by ALL the love and support. There is no way we would be able to give Kyle this gift without the help of so many of YOU! Thank you from the very bottom of my very full heart. ❤️We did it!

Raising this insane amount of money is just the beginning! I am so excited to share the experiences we will gain through having a service dog for Kyle! I am so excited to see Kyle’s famous grin when he meets his new buddy.  So, stay tuned! 💙💙💙

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