“He’s my brother!”

Wednesdays mean therapy is at grandma’s house! Kyle always looks forward to it and usually hops right in the car! Today he skipped out to the car super excited and walked to his side of the car, opened the car door then walked to the dirt and proceeded to play in it while I buckled Whitney in the car. This is all normal! Annoying cuz his hands are all dirty and he of course wants to touch me with them afterward, but normal for him šŸ™„.

As I walked over to guide him back to the car and into his seat, he decided that for some reason today he was NOT going to cooperate…for reasons I’m not sure of šŸ¤”. As soon as I nudged him toward the car, he dropped to the ground…ugh! I hate when he does this, he knows I can’t physically do anything which frustrates me even more!! So I tried to get him up by repeating over and over to stand up. But I could see that was going no where and my patience had run dry! So I decided to get in the car and tell him I was leaving him-you know how you tell you’re kids this, never with the intention of REALLY leaving them?! Well sometimes it works with Kyle!

I got into the car frustrated and right before shutting my car door I said, “Fine! We’re leaving without you” Whitney began to cry. “Don’t leave him, mom! He’s my brother!” She yelled it at me several times through her tears. I tried to reassure my sweet 3 year old that I was not going to *really* leave her brother.  But she still took a few minutes to stop crying and realize that I wasn’t actually going to leave Kyle sitting in our driveway!

Sure enough, Kyle got up a few short minutes later and got in the car and off to grandmas house we went.

All of my kids see how difficult Kyle is every day. They witness his meltdowns daily. They see their mom struggle. They see Kyle struggle. They all are so aware…each one of them love him so much despite the obstacles he throws at all of us daily. They are the first to defend him and protect him-even his 3 year old sister. I love that Kyle is constantly teaching my kids about unconditional love and the importance of sacrifice.  And I love that Kyle is shaping my kids to be some truly amazing people.

I made this video during autism awareness month and I cry every time I watch it.  Kyle is so lucky to have each one of them by his side and they are lucky to have him. I love my kids.  All of them.


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