I’m dreaming of a white sandy beach vacation….

​This is pretty much what everyday looks and sounds like in the summer for one reason or another and it’s usually more than once a day, today’s adventure (I’m choosing to call it that even though adventures are supposed to be fun-at least in my mind-and this isn’t fun 😳)…Kyle has discovered our neighbor has an above ground pool (from standing on our upstairs balcony and peering into their yard-he’s so nosey! 😂) and has become obsessed with wanting to go over there. This isn’t possible for several reasons. But he doesn’t care to hear any of the reasons. So this meltdown 👆🏻started because he pulled out his swimsuit and pointed next door to tell me he wanted to go in their pool.  When he was told no he immediately started into meltdown mode, which was small but escalated quickly when he realized his iPad ran out of battery (this is like THE worst thing that could possibly happen). I closed his door, after handing him the back up iPad (which is not his preferred-who knows why, they both do the same thing 🤷🏻‍♀️) to hopefully let him calm himself down-only to open his door a few minutes later to find he peed himself in protest 😩. Awesome. But at least it wasn’t puke. So into the bathroom we went to get him cleaned up,  where he stripped down naked and flopped to the floor and refused to get up.  He cried and hit himself several times. Finally after a good 5 minutes of me telling him over and over to get up (trying really hard not to lose my patience cuz then he will never stand up) he stood up and walked into his room, still crying. He protested the whole time while I struggled to get him wiped down and dressed in clean clothes (trying to dress a 130+pound 13 year old who is NOT helping is not my favorite)! After 10 minutes, I’m sweating and he’s still pissed cuz he wants the iPad that isn’t charged. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Seriously, this happens multiple times a day in the summer and for all different reasons! 👎🏼 And sometimes he doesn’t even know why he’s melting down so there is no solution-which is definitely the most frustrating for both of us!  I know I have voiced several times my fear and anxiety about Kyle starting high school but I’m becoming more excited and relieved that summer school starts for him in 3 short days! He needs a school routine back, and I need a break (or a vacation)! I sure hope we both make it til then! 🤞🏼😬 Have I told you I hate summer?! 😬

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