So long 8th grade

Kyle graduated 8th grade today. It wasn’t like my 8th grade graduation-an auditorium filled with lots of parents and siblings and a graduating class of 200+. This was a graduation in a cafeteria filled with maybe 15 parents and siblings and a graduating class of 6. SIX. But it was by far the BEST 8th grade graduation I have ever attended. And maybe its because Kyle is mine, or maybe because I watched him beaming with pride on the stage. Or maybe because I am going to miss this school that took the time and put in the effort to put on a graduation ceremony for my special boy. Maybe its because as I listened to our principal (who I am honored to call a friend) speak about these kids, I could hear the pride and the love she had for them. Maybe its because I watched as Ms. Jan (one of his favorites) proudly stand next to her boy and let him grab her arm when he felt anxious (and even bite her). Or maybe it was watching Mr. Chris play with Kyle after the graduation and Kyle light up and laugh as they wrestled. Maybe its because I am so humbled to be able to experience and have my kids experience special moments like these for their special brother, that most people don’t. Maybe its because once again, through this graduation, I was reminded how truly lucky I am to be Kyle’s mom. Maybe its all these reasons that made it the best. But I will forever treasure the moment of pride I felt, as Kyle was helped across the stage to receive his 8th grade diploma.   ​

3 thoughts on “So long 8th grade”

  1. Okay so I cried…I miss being part of watching these children and being part of their success. Katie, you look stunning as always and Kyle’s smile still brightens my day. I remember clearly watching you carry Kyle into the school…he’s taller than you now!!! Wow! Congrats everyone! With love … Arlene


  2. I loved watching Kyle’s graduation video❣️Thanks for posting it on your blog. 😀 Bear of wishes to Kyle and your family on his next endeavor in High School. Kyle and his family will be greatly missed around our campus at PDC.


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